Sinful Practices Get Among Us By Our Indifference

Beloved in Christ,

1 Cor. 5:1-2 speaks of the impurities of the Corinthian congregation. A variety of impurities had set in which were generally described as "fornication". The Church stands guilty too often of indifference. Because we are indifferent, all kinds of sins are indulged by the weak members of our congregation without fear of reprimand by the congregation of Christ. What Do We Do About Them?
If there are ungodly persons among us, how are we to relate to them in keeping with the teachings of Christ about brotherly love and forgiveness. If such persons are among us, how are we to deal with them in keeping with Christ's warning about harsh judgments? The inability to answer these two questions has stopped many Christians from dealing with this sensitive area of our member to member relations. If we appear to be critical of our brothers who are caught in sin then we appear to lack love and compassion. If we point out the sin then, we appear to be passing judgement on a brother. Many church members, unfortunately, rather than find out what the word says about these matters choose to talk among themselves about how disgraceful the members actions are, but the offending member is rarely approached at all. Jesus in no way has precluded Christians from evaluating the actions of the Saints, but He has warned us against finding fault in the motives of others. Matthew 7:1-2 "Judge not that ye be not judged, (2) for with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be measured to you again." Here Jesus tells us not be find fault with the motives of others but to be concerned with our own. It is a common conclusion, even today, that the fault you readily see in the motives of others is usually a fault you have found in yourself. Be an encourager rather than a critic.

Always in Masters Service.

Ps. Shibu Thomas IPC Hebron , Oklahoma